Marketing Communications

Professional, creative, economical assistance with materials and communications directed toward customers, potential customers, and the community at large.

Direct Mail
Web Content
Identity materials
Public Relations

Small businesses can reap the benefit of a professional writer / designer without the price tag of an ad agency. Creative services are customized to your purpose, message, and goals. Low-cost, high-impact communications, materials, and advice are our specialty.

Assistance and consultation available in varying levels and combinations:
Strategy determination -- how best to deliver your message and/or target potential customers
Content development -- interviewing, editing, composition / copywriting, creative services
Design assistance -- polished and effective visual presentation according to campaign and budget goals
Editing of your own content -- review/evaluation, editing/enhancement, revision, layout, etc. of print, Internet, and other communications
Production and/or production coordination -- in-house production available as well as interface with production providers